Friday, March 25, 2011

Lovely Links: "Hoping I Have a Baby By Now" Edition

I'm writing this post on Wednesday, March 23, which makes me two days overdue (which would mean four days on Friday, when this posts). I had a sneaking suspicion this would happen (my son was born a week late). Even so, it's an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. One minute, I'm feeling calm, telling myself, "Babies come when they're ready"; the next minute, I'm crying my eyes out. So yeah, I'm hoping that by the time this scheduled post comes up, I'll be cuddling with a newborn. If not, well...ummm...let's not go there. (Feeling the hormonal weepiness coming on again...)

In any case, I thought I'd share some of the great things I've come across lately, especially as I've been trying to keep myself distracted. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to be distracted by all the useful/fun/informative/ingenious things in the blogosphere.

I just discovered this blog and I absolutely love it. She just finished a five-week series devoted to all things boy-related. {insert contented sigh -- boys are so much fun}.  I want to make these pants, these crib sheets, this men's sweater turned boy sweater, this shirt, this t-shirt turned jacket...basically, everything on the blog.  I honestly never thought I'd ever make clothes, but she makes it seem so possible. I especially love how she refashions old clothes (usually used grown-up clothes) into really cute stuff for kids. 

7 Principles to Simply Your Family Life -- Simple Mom
I agree with every single principle in this post. They truly are universal.

Some Thoughts on Cost -- Eco-Novice
Last week, I wrote about 'splurges that save' and how we should choose quality over quantity. One area that I'm passionate about choosing quality over quantity is in regard to food. I thought this post over at Eco-Novice (a great site about going green gradually -- and frugally) had a lot of good points. I especially loved all the Michael Pollan quotes -- I've mentioned how his book, In Defense of Food, changed how my family eats. I think that guy is definitely right on the money about our modern diet.

Plastic Bottle Herb Planters -- Family Fun
This is such a fun way to reuse and recycle. Plus, who doesn't love having fresh herbs at the ready? 

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread -- Joy the Baker
If I don't have a baby by Friday, I'm making this. And I might just eat the whole thing, too.

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Manndi said...

Love the crib sheets - they really do look so easy. I might have to make some cute girly ones for my daughter :) I hope everything goes well with your delivery and you are snuggling your new little man soon!

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