Monday, November 15, 2010

For Your Monday: A Promotion AND a Giveaway

I'm not one of those Monday-haters. Well, most of the time I'm not. But today I'm dragging. Hopefully you're Monday is going better. In any case, whether you need cheering up or not, I'm sharing not only a great promotion at a website, but I'm also doing a giveaway {better to give than receive, right?}.

First, the promotion...

Since I'm having a boy in March, baby stuff is on the radar yet again. So, naturally, I think everyone feels the same way, too. The promotion is for a free nursing cover from Udder Covers (oh, the names people come up with...)

How I would have loved to have one of these back when my son was nursing! Uncoordinated lady that I am, it took all my focus to wrangle a blanket and a squirming baby without exposing myself.  I can already tell that it's going to be an enormous help for me the second time around. These nursing covers usually cost $32, plus shipping and handling; if you enter the promo code "Thanksgiving" at check-out, the cover will cost nothing! You do have to pay shipping and handling (which is $9.95 - about the same cost, if not less, to buy the materials to make your own, which is what I was going to do until I got the promo code).  The promotion is for a limited time only, while the stock is available, so if you're going to get one, get it soon!

You don't have to be an expecting mother to take advantage of this great offer, either -- I got mine last year, long before baby #2 was even a twinkle in my eye. They also make for a great baby shower gift -- and with the promo code, you can't beat the price!

Now, the giveaway...

I love Family Fun magazine.  When my favorite parenting magazine, Wondertime, had to shut down (stupid recession), I got the remainder of my subscription filled with Family Fun issues. While not as awesome as Wondertime was, I love this magazine because it's not one of those alarmist parenting magazines, full of safety warnings and articles about the latest disease your child can contract. Instead, Family Fun is just about enjoying your children. It's full of ideas for games, art projects, activities, family vacations, and parties, as well as having lots of kid-friendly recipes and gift ideas. It's a sort of parenting sigh of relief for me.

Anyway, the time has come for me to renew my subscription and I received an offer to get a free gift subscription with my renewal. So, I thought I'd give it to one of my dear, lovely readers. To enter the drawing for a free, one-year subscription to Family Fun:
  • Leave a comment. To make it interesting, tell me how you get out of a funk on a Monday (or any other day of the week). What do you do to improve your mood? This hormonal pregnant woman will take any advice she can get.
For extra entries:
  • Become a follower of this blog.
  • Mention this giveaway on your own blog or Facebook.
  • Post a 'Parsimonious Princess' button on your blog (see the sidebar for a link).
You can do just one or all three of the extras to get the extra entries - just leave me a comment when you've done any of them. If you have already done one of the extras in the past, you can mention it in your first comment.

You can enter the giveaway up until 11:59 PM (MST) on Wednesday, November 17. I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning.

I'm feeling a little better already...

Good luck!


Tara said...

I want to win! So my way of ending a funk was to hop in the car, go to Kneaders, get a yummy sandwich and walked out with 6 eclairs in tow for today and tomorrow (Who am I kidding? THey will be gone today!) THE BABY NEEDS THE ECLAIRS, I promies.

Wilcox Family said...

I love family fun. I'm crafty handicapped, so it's nice to have a resource for activity ideas to do with my daughter. I would love a whole year's subscription.

mmm getting out of monday funk. We went to the library..that always makes Jenna happier and right now, while the kids are napping, I'm eating the rest of some dreyer's ice cream. Terrible I know, but that is what helps me. Ice cream and the new pretzel m&m's. Have you tried them? I don't even like pretzels, but I love the m&m's.

side note--Alyson saw Senorita K recently. She is now a Senora "finally" she said and doing really well. Awesome huh!

thegirlwiththeplan said...

I should have entered too. Sorry the giveaway was a bust. I had a giveaway for some diamond earrings and only got like 7 entries. Seriously- who doesn't enter a contest when your chances are so good. Silly people like me I guess

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