Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ugggggghhhhh....; or, How to Make Homemade Pedialyte

It must have been something I ate.  I woke up this morning feeling really terrible. Like, REALLY terrible.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel better. I think I got it all out of my system. Still, it's left me feeling a little depleted and my stomach isn't totally settled. I'm eating yogurt right now - got to get those probiotics to work. But if I've learned anything from all my reading and from motherhood, it is that avoiding dehydration is the most important thing when you're having....issues.

In the past, I've always just gotten a Gatorade for myself or my husband when one of us gets a bout of this stuff. For my son, I run out and buy some Pedialyte. Pedialyte is expensive, though. A bottle of the stuff can run anywhere from three to six bucks. What's even in Pedialyte?  I've tasted it. It's like watered down, salty Kool-Aid.  How can it cost so much?  Part of me wonders if the high price isn't a form of extortion: a desperate parent of a child that's vomiting or dealing with bout of diarrhea will just hurry and buy the stuff, no matter the cost. Even the generic, store brand Pedialyte replicas are around two to four dollars.  Not cool. But, the stuff is good for a reason - it rehydrates and replenishes little bodies better than plain water. So what's a frugal mama to do?

Not too long ago, I came across a recipe (from a pediatrician, no less) on how to make your own Pedialyte.  I guarantee you have all the essential ingredients at home.  To make your own Pedialyte, just mix 4 cups of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 2 tablespoons of sugar. You can also add 1/2 tsp. of Jell-O powder to give it a little flavor.  I don't think it makes much of a difference, but it might make it a bit more appealing to a kid (colored water is always more interesting, right?).  That's it - your own Pedialyte for pennies.

So I whipped up a batch of this stuff for myself this morning (like I'd want to go to the store and buy some Gatorade anyway).  And you should know, all the while I thought groggily, "I should share this on the Parsimonious blog".  I even took a picture of the concoction (with the "just-in-case" bowl behind it).  Do you feel the love? It is February, after all.


Nisha said...

THANKS!!!! I'm going to remember this post is on here and refer to it if needed!

Momma Curls said...

I was curious about the ingredients in pedialyte and found this website that lists ingredients: .

One thing they specifically mention is that using table sugar "can worsen diarrhea in children by pulling water into the intestine, increasing the volume of diarrhea and the loss of nutrients." But they use different forms of sugar. Just FYI.

Heather said...

That is a good point, Momma Curls. I'm sure you could use a different form of sugar (like granulated fructose? Xylitol? Honey? I don't know.).

I'm just thinking that when you're in a pinch, a couple tablespoons of sugar isn't going to exacerbate the diarrhea problem that much (I'm no doctor, so take my thoughts for what they're worth). I know when people have stomach issues, they'll get some 7Up, which is LOADED with sugar. Maybe that's what the article was warning about more -- turning to sodas that might feel good in an upset stomach but that can do more damage than good.

I did get the recipe from a pediatrician (you can find the recipe in the book Baby 411 by Dr. Ari Brown) who must have taken the whole sucrose thing into account, but still published it. This recipe has worked and helped me and my family.

Thanks for the comment!

My happy pills said...

Don't use honey in kids under 2 years of age, they can't process in and could get botulism as a result.

Darlene said...

Get some probiotic Acidophilus at the health food store (refrigerator section). I could only afford the ones with 4 probiotics plus the acidophilus in them (single and out of work), but I've used this on myself, my kids from the time they are infants and kids I babysat (with parents permission). Works a treat!

As soon as intestinal problems (of either sort) rears its ugly head, Adults and older kids should take 3 capsules. For younger kids/babies, open one capsule up, put onto a tsp of applesauce - you can stir it in a bit so it's not so dry on top. The powder tastes mild and creamy and I've never had an infant/child refuse it.

If one dose doesn't do the trick in 15 minutes, take a second. In 16 years of doing this, we've never had to have more than 2 doses, and in that time, I can only remember 3 times someone needing more than 1 dose of this.

It's worked for stomach virus, food poisoning, changing water - what ever gets one chained to a bathroom or bucket.

You can't overdose on this as it's the same bacterias found in Yogurts and other cultured foods, just a LOT more of them.

Jason Jampol said...

Or you could purchase Wubba Water, an organic electrolyte drink for kids. No synthetic dyes, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, less than 2 grams of sugar/serving and comes in 12 oz bottles. Also avail on Amazon. Oh, and tastes great!

Unknown said...

This recipe saves money, is SO easy & really works! It is very soothing (I prefer to drink it warm) & has helped my family avoid dehydration due to a nasty stomach flu that has gone through our household. Thanks so much for posting :)

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