Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Reuses: We Eat a Lot of Yogurt

When I was a kid, my mom always washed our empty yogurt containers and used them for all sorts of odds and ends.  This practice must have been ingrained in my brain from a young age because I can't seem to help doing the same - I always wash and save our empty yogurt containers. We happen to eat a lot of yogurt here, so we never have a shortage of them. 

Like this morning.  It was my turn to teach our neighborhood preschool group (nothing super structured, just a once-a-week thing where we practice ABC's and numbers, etc.). I was feeling particularly brave this morning and thought it would be fun to decorate Valentine's Day themed sugar cookies.  So once the cookies were done and ready to be frosted and sprinkled, I pulled out my handy-dandy yogurt cups.

The four 3-year-olds set out on their decorating adventure, going between frosting the cookies and eating the frosting off their fingers. It was a fairly sticky event, as you can imagine.  But the true success was that it wasn't really messy at all (I was surprised too) and there were no arguments over frosting or any of the other decorating supplies. Each kid had his or her own little yogurt cup full of frosting and various toppings in other cups, enough that each kid stayed occupied with their own and didn't fight over anything. 

And since each child had his or her own little cup of frosting, a lot less germs got shared (I think my son ate more frosting than the three other kids). Love those little cups...

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This Place is a Disaster! said...

I save mine for when we have kid friends over. It makes it easy for kids to remember that they are peach, you are lemon, I am lime. Then we all know who's cup belongs to who and there is no wasting plastic cups!

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