Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Took a Month Off...and the Blog Had a Birthday!

Hey, everyone! I'm back!

August was a busy month for my family. Not only was it the last month of summer vacation (which means squeezing in all the things we didn't do enough --or at all -- in June and July), but we also dealt with a broken arm (my oldest fell off the monkey bars) and a case of strep throat (same kid, three days before school started) in August.  Then there was the back-to-school hustle and bustle; I only have one child in school, but it's an adjustment for the whole family to get back into a set routine. Like I said, August was a pretty busy month!


During my August hiatus, this blog celebrated a birthday. The Parsimonious Princess has been going for four years now! It's been fun to chronicle my experiences and experiments here during that time. I've tried a lot of things I never thought I would in these four years: cloth diapering, raising chickens, beekeeping, and a bunch of other things. Of course, there has also been the expected things on here too: a lot of cooking from scratch, gardening, canning, and declarations of love for vinegar.

Thanks for stopping by little space here, whether you started reading back in 2009 or if you just barely found me via Pinterest. Writing and posting on this blog keeps me motivated in my efforts to live frugally and simply, making me always eager to learn more. I hope reading it does the same for you.

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