Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the Old

One of my husband's favorite artists is J.C. Leyendecker,
who was famous for his portrayals of the New Year baby.
Who doesn't love the beginning of a new year? There's just something so satisfying about a fresh start, the chance to recommit to goals and to become a better person.  Then again, I'm always a little wary of making resolutions -- it seems like some kind of running joke that they're only made to be broken. 

In any case, I'm looking forward to the new year. As we stayed up last night, my husband and I reviewed our goals -- financial, personal, family, and spiritual -- for the year ahead. I feel energized and ready. Which brings me to the question I want to post to you, dear reader:

What are your goals for 2011, particularly when it comes to finances and frugality?

For us, we're going to buckle down and pay off our car as fast as we can and get back out of debt (we were debt-free a year ago, but we had to get a new car since our two older cars were dying). To do this, we're going to work even harder at following our weekly budgets to the dollar. Then of course, there's the usual things: cook at home even more (I'll admit, I fall prey to the dinnertime fatigue), stay more organized, expand my garden, learn new homemaking skills (I'm still determined to learn how to knit and I've found someone to teach me) and saving for and doing some home improvements.

One of the things that keeps me motivated to live frugally and to do some of the extra work that comes with that lifestyle is this blog. Not only does it make feel accountable, but it's also a fun way to share and I hope that I've helped you with your goals in some small way. So, let me know what frugal and financial goals you're working on for 2011 and we'll make this year even better than the last.


StrivingSimply said...

This year, we're working on eating more sustainably. A big part of that will be designing our garden and backyard for maximum use and decreasing the amount of meat we're eating.

Pam Baumeister said...

I've tried to have a garden every year, but I just don't have a lot of sunny areas in my yard. So, this year, I'm going to commit to consuming less. The whole "use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" adage is going to be my mantra.Unless, of course, I save for a new pair of boots or a pretty dress. ;)

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