Friday, July 23, 2010

Since my brain has decided to take a vacation...

...I'm just going to post some links.  Hope that's okay. 

I just feel intellectually/emotionally/spiritually/physically sapped. It could be due, in part, to the sick little boy I live with right now.  He inherited his mother's awful tonsils.  Sorry, buddy.  Anyway, on to the links!

Canning 101: Home-Canned Tomatoes -- Simple Bites
My tomatoes had a brush with death this past weekend. While we were off camping last weekend, the sprinklers totally missed my tomato pots. Two full, 100 degree days without watering.  When I came home, I wanted to cry. I love my homegrown tomatoes that much.  I'm happy to say, though, that the tomatoes survived (though still not as lovely as I left them).  Anyway, I mention all this because I'm anxiously awaiting my tomato harvest and I'm going to can some of them whole like in this post.  Usually, I just make salsa with my tomatoes, but maybe I'll can some plain tomatoes, too. I'm always using store-bought cans of them, why not use the homegrown ones that are a bazillion times better?

Lemon Laundry Tip -- Make it Do
I've written before about skipping the stain spray and using things around the house to get stains out of laundry.  I thought I pretty much had my stain-fighting arsenal figured out. Then I saw this post about how to use lemon as a stain remover. Who knew?  Plus, she included a recipe with the post that sounds delicious. Defnitely will have to try it -- both the recipe and lemon stain-fighter.

Saving Naturally
This isn't a link to a specific post, but more of an introduction to one of the newest sites I've found.  Often, people think that it's impossible to live on a budget AND enjoy natural products. Granted, it does take a little creativity and cutting back in other areas, but it's totally possible. But I still sometimes felt like I was missing out on some of the savings I could have with coupons. Often, the coupons with the newspaper are for products I just don't buy for various reasons.  Saving Naturally is an answer to this problem. Not only does the author of this blog share some great frugal ideas, but also lots of links to coupons and online deals for many natural product brands. I signed up for her email newsletter -- that way, I get regular coupon updates right to my inbox. Sweet!

5 Essential Make-from-Scratch for Your Health and Budget -- Simple Mom
When I first saw the title of this post, I was pretty sure I probably made all of them. Nope. Just one. I felt ashamed.  Granted, I do make my own bread, which she wrote about before the list of five. The other thing I make from scratch is chicken stock - so easy and a must for any frugalista.  But the other four on Simple Mom's list -- yogurt, tortillas, salad dressing, and sourdough -- I'm sorry to say I don't make.  I love the Greek yogurt I buy at the health food store.  I love the uncooked tortillas I get at Costco. Salad dressing is easy to make, but I always cop out an buy the caesar dressing at the store. And I don't give sourdough much thought. However, this post brings up some good points and maybe I'll try the tortillas, salad dressing, and sourdough a try. I'm sticking with my Greek yogurt, though. This post is great because, more than anything, it made me think about things I love to make from scratch and why I do it.

Root Beer Float Cake -- Joy the Baker
If my little guy gets better in time for the neighborhood get-together, I think I might make this cake.  It's really, really good. Different, but really, really good.  Plus, doesn't it just sound perfect for summertime?

Now it's time for me to veg.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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