Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Reuses: The Oatmeal Tunnel

Last week, I wrote about a book called Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More and I decided I would start a new feature called "Random Reuses". In those posts, I would either show how I implemented the ideas from the book (which is chock full of interesting ways to reuse things) or share a few of my own ideas. Well, this post features neither. This was my mom's idea. That said, I bring you....

The Oatmeal Tunnel!
My son is obsessed with trains and he especially loves driving his toy trains through tunnels. He used to have some plastic ones that came with his track set, but when he inherited these Thomas trains from our neighbor, the tunnels weren't tall enough. We built them out of blocks and Legos, but they weren't as portable as the plastic ones. Then my mom thought of this - she simply cut an empty oatmeal canister in half. Voila! Two portable tunnels.

Now if I just were crafty enough to decorate the outside and make it actually look like a tunnel...

One other note: In my post on Friday, I mentioned the Dave Ramsey financial plan and the 'Baby Steps'. I'd highly recommend checking out the newest post on Simple Mom where she introduces the seven Baby Steps and then outlines the first two in more detail. If you're not familiar with the Dave Ramsey plan, this is a great introduction!

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